**Welcome to SMEG** # Incursion is returning...


# About Us We are SMEG. An Alliance of experienced, knowledgeable and supportive players all looking to achieve a common goal, to be the best and to help others along the way. We are also fanatical about Red Dwarf. Go on. ask us anything. But first, we need to change the bulb from white to blue alert. It is necessary to contact a Commodore for access but read [**our rules for transient members ("guests")**](guest-rules.md) first as **we expect guests to know and follow them**. If you are interested in becoming a member of SMEG, please speak to a member of the Management Team. These consist of CptBear, SpocksNan, KTG Chris. SaltyRimmer, Gunky Monkey and Diente Dragon. But mostly CptBear. As Discord (like other chat systems) is a terribly bad storage medium, we're trying to keep everything we want to remember on a web server instead of repeating it over and over again; this site will become our collective memory. We will collect those things in our [library](library.md). If you need to contact an official representative of SMEG, your best chance is CptBear. He's either in game, in his cave or perusing the merriment that can be found in the ether. Alternatively, you can speak to any other member of the SMEG Management Team. Please join the [SMEG Discord server](https://discord.gg/Vpr5Tbv) if you are interested in spending time with us. To make it easier for the reading averse, here is a list of our current rules: * [Rules for guests](guest-rules.md) * [Rules for members](member-rules.md) * [Additional rules for mining events](mining-rules.md) * [Everything you need to know about taking nodes and shooting miners](mine-takeover.md) * [What to do during a take over](defense-rules.md) # Today's Events [](https://www.stfc.ovh/) # Is my server working?